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Learning Robot Framework : Basic Usage

Basic syntax on Robot file

Selenium Speed / Timeout / Implicit Wait

Set Selenium Speed    1 seconds

Can set the speed like this but when we use this function? just when we show it as demo?

Selenium Timeout

Implicit Wait

Miscellaneous Keywords

Capture screenshot

Test Screeshot
    Open Browser  ${URL}  ${BROWSER}
    ${dir}=  Set Screenshot Directory    ./evidences

    Capture Page Screenshot  test.png
    Close Browser

Browser behavior

GoTo, GoBack, Get Location
    Open Browser  ${URL}  ${BROWSER}
    Go To  ${TO}
    Go Back
    ${location}=  Get Location
    Log To Console    Current is on ${location}
Execute Javascript
    Open Browser  ${URL}  ${BROWSER}
    Maximize Browser Window
    Execute Javascript  window.scrollTo(0,1000)
    Sleep    10 seconds

Context Menu


Perform Mouse Operations
    Open Browser  ${URL}  ${BROWSER}
    Open Context Menu    xpath://*[@id="rankingGenreBox1"]/span/a
    Sleep    5 seconds