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PWA Overview


PWA(Progress Web App)

  1. Push Notification to bring user back

  2. Home Screen Icons to make access easy

  3. Access Native Device Feature like camera

  4. Possibly work offline

  5. Statistics

80프로의 시간이 3개의 어플리케이션에 소비 새로운 어플리케이션을 설치하지 않는다.

아무것도 설치할 필요가 없다.

Core Building Blocks

Service Workers

Caching / Offline Support Enable other PWA features

Background Sync Web Push

Application Manifest allow addition to home screen

Responsive Design app / layout should work and look good across devices

Geolocation API

Media API

PWAs and SPAs(Single Page Application) : 이것 자체는 wrong comparison


  1. powered by javascript
  2. highly reactive
  3. only one html file sent to browser


  1. uses a lot of javascript(but works without it)
  2. aims to have high reactivity
  3. works with multiple files

Progressive Enhancement

Start point

  1. Existing(legacy) App
  2. Existing modern App
  3. Upcoming Project

near future

  1. add some features
  2. implement some core PWA features
  3. fully implement as PWA


  1. use multiple PWA features
  2. completely convert to PWA
  3. complete PWA


  1. Getting started
  2. Application Manifest
  3. Service Worker Basics
  4. Promise & Fetch API
  5. Service worker(Caching for offline access)
  6. Advanced Caching Strategies
  7. Caching Dynamic Data with indexed DB
  8. Responsive Design
  9. Background Sync
  10. Web Push Notifications
  11. Media API(Camera) & Geolocation
  12. Automated SW Management
  13. SPAs & PWAs with our #1 framework