Failure Sharing

Bootup your energy with sharing failure.


Got me : わからない

How to use Oh, when did it get so complicated? いつそんなにややこしくなったん? Who are those people? → Got me わからないや More こんな形で使われると、意味が変わる。 You got me. You've got me. Yeah, you don't like him! You got me.(バレち…

You got it :了解の表現

Meaning 了解 任せて もちろん How to use Can you lend me again? You have to stop me from doing that. Why don't you take Melina up to your room and show her where she's gonna be staying, okay? → Okay, you got it! 그런데 it이 가리키는 것이 문…

I don't get it : 「理解」を伝える表現

Pattern What's he talking about? I don't get it. Yeah, he didn't tell it right. How to use I get it / I got it / Got it I still don't get why he lied to me. Could you get that? 対応してくれる? Yeah, I'll get it.

Guess what

Meaning 〜したって思う?当てて見て。 e.g. Guess what happened at work today? Guess who came over? Try ~ どうせなら〜して見てよ。 More Don't tell me, let me guess. 言わないで。僕に当てさせて。 Hey you guys, you will never guess who's coming…

You know what?

Meaning ねえ、知ってる? あのさ あのね ねえ、聞いて e.g. You know what the good news is? You know what the most amazing part is? More You know, you know, you don't know? ほら、わかるよね、わかるよね、え、わかんないの?