Failure Sharing

Bootup your energy with sharing failure.


I don't get it : 「理解」を伝える表現

Pattern What's he talking about? I don't get it. Yeah, he didn't tell it right. How to use I get it / I got it / Got it I still don't get why he lied to me. Could you get that? 対応してくれる? Yeah, I'll get it.

読書感想:Java Performance Story in Korean language (Chapter 1 ~ 4)

01. デザインパターンについて 開発とメンテナンスを考えて、いくつかのデザインパターンを使う必要がある。 筆者は以下のパタンをおすすめしてる。 Business Deligate Session Facade Data Access Object Connection with DB Service Locator ⭐️ Transfer O…